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Welcome to MeruMeruSubs

Oh Hi Mark! My story started as I grew interest in learning how working with subtitles would be, being a huge anime and drama otaku.

The whole thing started when I wanted to help out the Mega Man community by doing OCR work on the hardsubs from WPP on the Rockman.EXE movie. (I am a huge fan of Mega Man :) ) I brought forth a few corrections and re-timed everything to a new raw, all of this to better experience the movie. It was my first hands-on in this world and that has brought me here today!

As of now, I'm also part of the STE-Subs team to help release Rockman.EXE episodes, as well as Meganime Fansub to help out on Detective Conan's French subtitles!

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Feel free to take my subs and translate them to your language!

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