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Welcome! My story started as I grew interest in learning how working with subtitles would be, being a huge anime and drama otaku.

The whole thing started when I wanted to help out the Mega Man community by doing OCR work on the hardsubs from WPP on the Rockman.EXE movie. (I am a huge fan of Mega Man :) ) I brought forth a few corrections and re-timed everything to a new raw, all of this to better experience the movie. It was my first hands-on in this world and that has brought me here today!

As of now, I'm also part of the STE-Subs team to help release Rockman.EXE episodes, as well as Meganime Fansub to help out on Detective Conan's French subtitles!

Leave a thanks on Nyaa for me, or donate if you really want. But most important, grab a popcorn and enjoy. :)

Feel free to take my subs and translate them to your language!


September 17, 2021

Well, I decided to start using my Twitter to keep people updated for my releases! Please follow me there for the most up-to-date info! :D

September 14, 2021

With the release of episodes 32 to 42 of Rockman.EXE with STE-Subs 4 days ago, I'm happy to announce that RnR episodes 22 to 31 is being released as a follow up! More joy to the fans of Mega Man / Rockman all round the world!

Find all my releases here at Nyaa!! :3

Updates for my releases:

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Archived Updates

September 8, 2021

I'm not dead! I decided to add this section in case anyone was wondering what was going on.
At the current moment, I'm working with STE-Subs to finalize our next batch release on Rockman.EXE. Stay tuned. :)
I'm also working on the next episodes of RnR, episodes 22 to 24 are done preliminary corrections and timing, and 25 is being worked on as we speak as well. My goal is to complete the next major act with Cygnus Wing all the way to episode 31 before releasing the next batch.