Rockman.EXE Axess

Sypnosis (provided my MAL):

Netto's father Yuuichirou Hikari has made a scientific breakthrough by introducing the "synchro chips". If an operator and his or her navi are in a special enviroment known as a "dimensional area", they can fuse together in the real world via a technique called "cross fusion"! Yuuichirou's first test subject, Misaki Gorou, attempts the process and sadly fails. Netto offers to try with Rockman, but his father forbids it. Cross Fusion puts enormous strain on the operator's health, and battling in the real world could mean death.

Progress: 10 / 51

Original fansubs: WolfPack Productions
Raw provider: EruPii-Raws
Source: Multiple
Resolution: 768x576
Audio: 2ch AC3 Japanese

Collaboration and released under STE-Subs:

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Episodes 1-10